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National Livestock Identification for Dairy (NLID)

Through a comprehensive National Livestock Identification program, every dairy animal in Canada is identified with nationally approved tags inscribed with a lifetime number. This means all newborn animals– male or female– are tagged with the same system. In the event of any disease suspicions or outbreaks, this system is the first step in a trace-back and tracking system to rapidly uncover, contain, and eliminate all major diseases and food safety threats in Canada. The number of animals nationally identified at the farm level continues to increase, due in part to the convenience of national security ear tagging, adopted initially as an alternative to sketches and photos. Tagging complements a national health and tractability system. Animals to be registered in the Herdbook must be individually identified at birth by two approved ear tags/devices properly attached and uniquely numbered. A sketch or photo may also be incorporate at the time of registration free of charge.

National Livestock Identification for Dairy (NLID) is the umbrella organization for the coordination and collaboration of all dairy tagging in Canada. NLID distributes tags to all dairy producers in Canada, except Québec where tags are issued by Agri-Traçabilité Québec Inc (ATQ).

With consumers expectations for food safety and human health on the rise, NLID and ATQ tags give Canadian dairy producers and the industry an advantage in:

  1. Marketing quality food and premium products;
  2. Providing domestic and global market access;
  3. Assuring consumer confidence.

Click here to view the video on Ordering NLID Tags Online


You can order tags by:

  1. Online through your HAC web account
  2. Calling NLID at 1-877-771-6543
  3. Print and complete the NLID Order form and mail/fax back to:
    • NLID
    • Box 2065
    • Brantford, Ontario
    • N3T 5W5
    • Fax: 519-756-3502

If any animal on your farm lost their original tags, please contact NLID to re-order them. If lost due to normal wear and tear, replacements are issued with original type lifetime numbers at no additional costs.

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